HR Consulting

HR Consulting

We strive to come up with an optimal solution for each client firm rather than applying a one-size-fits-all solution to every firm because we believe that even some best-laid plans may not be applicable to certain companies if their unique circumstances have not be taken full account of. Pragmatic counselling entails considering every minute detail about the firm to bring out a viable yet effective solution. It is also for this reason that we provide long-term follow-up services to see to it that our solutions are actually working and leading to lasting outcome.

  • Remodeling of Internal Rules

    Fine-tuning of basic HR and labor rules (e.g. employment rules and wage system)
    Training on laws and management methods related to HR and labor
    Assessment of documentations (e.g., service contract, and agreement on the use of substitute annual paid leave)

  • Wage System

    Client-tailored designing of wage system
    Devising of action plan for dealing with wage-related issues (e.g., ordinary wage and extended work pay)
    Designing of function-based and performance-based compensation systems suitable for the client firm

  • Peak Wage System

    Designing of tailored peak-wage mechanism in line with the extended retirement age
    Designing of tailored peak-wage mechanism for client firm
    Support in application for government’s assistance related to the peak-wage system

  • Fine-Tuning of Internal Practices in Preparation for Oversight

    Identification of the client firm’s weaknesses in law implementation (e.g., in practices related to employment rules, service contract and other agreements)Guidance on methods and documentations for improvement

  • Guidance on Government Assistance

    Guidance on various assistance programs run by the government such as for continued employment, additional hiring, youth or adult internship, and flex-work employment
    Designing of tailored systems to benefit from these programs, and application on behalf of the client

  • Guidance on Collective Bargaining

    Consulting and representation during collective bargaining and its conclusion, with advice being based on provisions of the Labor Union and Labor Relations Adjustment Act

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