Advice for Client Firms

1. Advisory Services for Client Firms

1Strengths of Dahyun Labor Law Firm

Dahyun is competent in tailoring its services for each individual client firm, as our team has a wide range of front-line expertise. .

We promise to offer you a multi-dimensional solution for your HR needs by going beyond just fixing immediate troubles to maximizing overall efficiency and cost reduction while conforming to labor-related laws.

2Services Offered to Client Firms

Advice on labor laws: analysis of the firm’s conformity to law on HR and labor and associated risks; legal advice on other issues (e.g., collective bargaining, strikes and labor-management meetings)

Advice on internal rule revisions: suggestions on necessary revisions for improved service contracts, employment rules and HR documentation

Advice on benefits available: guidance on cost-saving opportunities (e.g., flex-time employment system) and application for these benefits on behalf of the client

HR education: lectures on prevention of sexual harassment and industrial accidents; tailored lectures for HR staff and middle managers

Defense on labor cases: advice on ways of dealing with cases on unfair dismissal, wage claims and industrial accidents

Management of social insurance and payroll: services on social insurance obligations and payroll management

  • Remodeling of HR Practices
    We provide advice on employment, evaluation and compensation practices, and offer support for your social insurance obligations.
  • Assistance in Labor Management
    We suggest ways of dealing with collective bargaining and disputes, and help establish and train labor-management bodies.
  • Remodeling of HR Practices
    We hold seminars on latest issues and trends such as law amendment, support procedures related to in-placement and out-placement of incoming and resigning employees and provide tailored counselling for middle managers and executives.
  • Other Services
    We support your activities in dealing with labor-related cases and preparing for government inspections.
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