Social Insurance Filing

  • 1. Social insurance filing

    The filing of social insurance applications has increasingly been outsourced by employers, to mitigate risks associated with complex premium calculations and to reduce costs incurred from employing professionals for this duty.

    Our team of specialists handles clients’ social insurance obligations with great expertise and efficiency, to help maximize their cost reductions and HR effectiveness. Client service areas

  • 2. Business field

    • National Health Insurance

      Filing for newly-hired and resigning employees

      Reporting of total earnings

      Reporting of Standard Monthly Income

      Reporting of information changes for retired, laid-off or seconded employees

      Application for health check-up for eligible employees

      Reporting of additional information about dependents

      Reissuance of health insurance cards

      Reporting of information changes

    • National Pension

      Reporting for newly-hired employees

      Reporting for resigning employees

      Applying for exceptions and exemptions for employees taking or returning from a long-term leave

    • Workers’ Compensation Insurance

      Verification of eligibility for Workers’ Compensation Insurance (WCI) benefits and filing of the calculated benefit

      Filing for approval of WCI benefit

      Application for medical rehabilitation

      Application for wages/allowances during leave

    • Employment Insurance

      Verification of eligibility for employment insurance, and filing of the calculated benefit

      Filing of evidences of job transfer

      Application for government assistance programs

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